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reelection. address the sensitive and u.s. dicey as david petraeus and the affair that led resignation which the president learned of last week. >> i hear you have some questions for me. >> first, his reaction to the d petraeus sex scandal. should he have known earlier? >> had been told it would be we were interfering in a criminal investigation. will reserve judgment but service.petraeus' >> the most important step we we take right now is that 90% -- say 90% of americans will not see their taxes [inaudible] we could get that done by next week. the fireworks came when talking susan rice, heavily
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criticized for her theradictory comments on benghazi attack. to besmirch her reputation? is outrageous. when they go after the u.n. ambassador, apparently because they think she is an easy they have got a problem me. facing a second term, how can he improved especially for totics who say he has failed build effective relationships with leaders on the hill. >> i do not exempt myself from to do sums of reflection oursee if i can improve working relationship. the president was asked about mandates. that he hadny electionrough the results? was it was for look out for the middle class. to meet with mitt romney. testifys will
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in closed-door hearings on attacks in deadly could have been prevented. the news of the testimony comes as leaders met on capitol hill. they discussed the attacks in american ambassador and three other americans were killed. republicans in the senate came blasting the obama administration. more -- free americans died. been a week. havemerican people received nothing but statements from levels of our government. >> gop senors are calling for select committee to investigate the benghazi s.tack >> nancy pelosi has announced seek reelection as the house minority leader. she has served in congress since 1987. the first woman speaker of the house. leadershipwin elections after thanksgiving to keep her spot but house
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aboutats say that is just guaranteed. >> we're following a developing story where police are looking o shot a wal-mart manager earlier this morning. police say around 4:15 a.m., the man walked into the walmart and the manager. from they say when the 28-year-old manager followed the suspect to g lot, he was shot. it was taken to hospital and suspect's gethe away car on fire a few blocks away. reviewingor footage. crash in frederick county monday was due to a brakes.faulty state police say the tractor- router had overturned on had only four working of 10.t other six were either or were not working at all. killed two people and injured three others. driver of the rate is a man and is charged with criminally negligent homicide. >> the expansion of maryland's as a means more jobs.
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a lot of them. the hiring process has begun at the state does the largest casino in anne arundel county. when should point out maryland officials, lawmakers idea offloating the expanding gambling in the a maryland live voters -- initiallyly against it. they're expecting more than 100 kind of giddy about it. only five months after opening withoors, officials forland live are preparing a massive expansion. 4700 slots will be for 150 tableay games with live dealers. you can see the cards coming out. it did not know if it is some algorithm or how it is
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coming out. it is to the advantage of the house. we want to be more fair. while many gamblers think it will better their chances of winning, the real jackpot will be the jobs coming to this area. more than 1200 will be added by the spring. add 1200 jobs to this area. i do not know if you live in this area. that is a good thing. i might come up here. they plan to hold a free 12 in january to teach , slot to be dealers attendants. >> he plans to be there. they extension was approved part of question 7 with thellot and in the countyate at 5.9% and dropping, it is expected to continue that trend. these are good jobs. paying,ers are good good jobs. and hopefully we will find are able to start a
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career with us. >> these will be popular jobs. 500 people have signed up for the courses. >> thank you. early to talk about next year's elections? apparently not. of theng to a new poll for virginia governor is not. senator mark warner has not run.ed whether he will the poll indicates he is leading possible republican opponents including the lieutenant governor and the attorney .eneral is only democrat to run former democratic national .hairman details and to what keep 911 done to running in case of a sudden storm. it is a mind-blowing experience. faith in a leap of
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dive over the area. you'll see the big jump. >> clear and cold out there. some freezing temperatures out there. i will let you know in t
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maryland officials were
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asking the president to declare a disaster area. that declaration would make eligible for money from fema. a new report details the failures of local 911 systems outage.power council governments recommends preventive steps including outage drills and oversight from state and local government. for the first time in four months, retail sales have slipped. sales dropped in september. sales at grocery stores and gasoline stations increased. came at of that decline end of the month when hurricane sandeep hit the northeast.
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diversome patriotic jumping out of a plane. >> a clear and cold night ahead. what to expect from your when we come back. big ben thinks it is time to and is their charm for the nationals? is it three? major leage baseball -- m major league bas oh! green mountain coffee! how do you always have my favorite coffee? well, inside the brewer, there's a giant staircase. and the room is filled with all these different kinds of coffee and even hot cocoa, and you'll a always find your favorite. with so many choices, keurig has everyone's favorite.
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and i just press this button. brew what you love, simply. keurig.
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are back with a special skydive over d.c. suburbs this morning. >> the sky divers were combat veterans. a double amputee who he headed toag as earth.
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is not a disability, it is the ability. l veterans inera the sky. he double amputee to philippe. of mind blowing experience. was profound. people say you fall in love and y and gethe lotter excited, you have all these p out of ans but jum and it made me speechless. on hisar he was of afghanistan when fingers and both because of an ied. >> you keep your head high. this was pretty high. hundreds of feet in the year jumped.e >> it wanted to show other in my position there's a even though can do you have no legs. on his way down he could see
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monument, the sparse and will better by his side. sky diving company that up wounded veterans does .t for free kraska cannot forget the men and performed and made these sacrifices. an obligation to let them know they're not forgotten and you are not alone. america loves you. the first time the company takes wounded veterans sky, they have been doing it since 2001. this year they have taken up 50 of them. hatzel vela, abc 7 news. a perfect day to be up in the sky. it was clear and calm. it is a all good. -- is all good. we will stay colder than average. things could change and sunday. t the time lapse. kind of a steady stream of clouds moving from the south and
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will havetrade we .ome high clouds temperature started to drop. 47.high was as we check some other numbers, in springfield at 42. down to the official high. 10 degrees below the average high which is 59. this cold air mass is brazilian stay in place. these are the high temperatures around the eastern part of that country. 49 here and 45 in boston. temperatures or 10 below average. 13 degrees below average there. the cooler the cold air to the stay under itsll e.fluenc
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the footage. all and we will have a fair amount of sunshine along with cold temperatures. saturday night and sunday, an low pressure off the coast. it still looks like that will looks like the will be far enough seehe east that we will cloudy and damp and chilly weather on sunday. and higher winds coast.he better once the system develops. the rest of the day is a minor system. clear and cold in the morning. 50.egrees closer to 49 or temperatures holding in the mid 50's. otherwise very pleasant weather
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the middle of november. >> a quick reminder about our app.t smartphone p calls from eu anchors. >> and now, the due toyota sports desk. by your local dealers. >> sometimes when you cover politics, there are people who with that happen in sports? >> the redskins believe they can the nfc east is division.ional he only played in three games he may play sunday. the guy who will not play is michael vick. get his firstll
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concussion isthe cigna began. not a cautionary football is a violent game. has been bid up throughout his career. their other quarterbacks to ge their career. fhere are a number o witherbacks that are out concussions and shoulder injuries. from thestay away different comparisons. >> their favre on sunday. they are favored on sunday. ravenselers play the twice. injuryethlisberger's about what heed will be able to return. out indefinitely. the nationals have been on a
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with bryce harper winning e year.uki of th the hour, major league announce the cy young award winners. is one of the finalists. he had 21-8. that was his record. r.a. dickey could be the sentimental favorite. knuckleballer has never won the award. the announcement will be made 6:45 p.m. washington wizards started the season 0-8. whitman is coach and the -- 0-6.are terrace look at the player of the day. behind the back. and the easy layup. the nets beat the calves. uconn.
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and the strong flush, a nice daniels. we have told you before about chuck beganno. than 25 colt players shaved heads in solidarity. head cheerleader will let shaver had if they raise $10,000 by november 25. she agreed to the deal and signed the contract. if it is raised the mascot will the home game at against the buffalo bills. at 7:00 p.m. >> nice to see the basketball's g through the hoops. > a
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t 11, we go behind-the- talk to the men of nashville. the show that is striking a chord with viewers. from the show's success to whether one of them has any real political aspirations, the "nashville."on >> an update on the weather. clear and cold and will get colder. andill drop to about 33 colder in outlying areas. some high clouds and sunshine. will stay on the cool side to next seven days. chance of rain on sunday. more of those possibilities at 11. >> goodbye. >>
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